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Free Online (MBTI) Personality Test
Your test is only 2 minutes away.
A personality test takes only a few minutes, and will assign you one of 16 personality types (INFP, ESTP, ISFJ, etc.) based on the research of Jung / Briggs-
Myers (MBTI).  This testing and personality classification system is used by universities and corporations worldwide. 
Tests are free and anonymous.  No personal info or login is required.  Just click any one of the test links below.  Take the test, hit 'Submit', and you'll instantly know your 'type'.
Insights gained from knowing your personality type - and those of your family members - can be absolutely life-changing!
You only need to take one test to know your type.  But there are a few similar tests available online, so you may want to take more than one test, just to make sure of your type. 
There are NO wrong answers on any of these tests, and of course, honesty is required for accurate results.  Answers should be based on the 'real you', the natural person you are at home. 
Once you know your personality type, jump to the top of the next  column to learn more about your strengths, weaknesses, and much more.  (All information is free!)
Personality tests are normally recommended for individuals over the age of 16, when personality traits show up more clearly in testing. 
[Children as young as 7 or 8 can typically understand most of the questions in the second test shown below.  Though test results for anyone under 16 should probably be viewed as a general indication of personality, rather than a clearly-defined type. More info: Personality Type and Testing for Children.]
If you're ready to take the test, click the link below.  Don't forget to write down your type. 

Human Metrics (Jung
Personality Test

based on the Myers-Briggs MBTI
(Note: Results will show the correct type, but % indications are incorrect.)
Personality Test

less abstract questions

Personality Test Center
Personality Test

also similar to Myers-Briggs MBTI
The tests above are designed to  'figure out' which of the 16 personality types is most like your own.  But you can also try assessing your own traits directly and better understand what the test is analyzing by using one of  the simple Type Indicators below.
Personality Indicator

Personal Pathways
Self-Scoring Inventory (Personality Indicator)

We strongly encourage you to figure out your type first - using any of the links above - and then proceed to the next column to learn more about your type.

In case you're curious...
About the 16 Personality Types Myers-Briggs (MBTI) 'Model' - Article explaining how the 16 personality types came into being through the research of Jung, Myers, and Briggs.  It also explains what each letter of the 'four-letter' acronyms (representing the types) stand for.


Learn About Your Personality Type
Step 2.  AFTER you take the test, and you've written down your personality type (ENTJ, ISTP, ESFJ, etc.), continue reading here.
You're only 3 minutes away from learning all about your personality type!
Note:  It is highly recommended that you take the test BEFORE reading about the different types.

Then you can encourage your family members to take the test and learn how each of you relates to the world and interacts differently.
Since 'personality typology' is not an exact science by any means, and many researchers/authors have attempted to understand and explain the various 'types' in different ways, you will sometimes find contradictory information regarding  'type' characteristics, (varying from one source to another, whether online or in one of the many books written on this topic).  However, the general characteristics of a 'type' are almost always the same, regardless of which source you're reading.
Studying descriptions of your personality type and that of your spouse and children can open up a new world of understanding in personal relationships.  What annoys us or confuses us or frustrates us about ourselves and others will suddenly make sense like never before.
It will change the way you relate to others, often greatly improving interaction; and it will change the way you relate to yourself.  Never again will you expect yourself to 'be like' someone else or for anyone else to be like you. 
Once you realize how different the 16 personality types really are, you'll see individuals through a different lens - their own personality type!  You'll learn to recognize their basic personality type and accept them for who they are. 
Each 'type' has its own unique set of pros and cons, strengths and  weaknesses.  We all have a few idiosyncrasies or eccentricities, typically shared by the 1-10% of the population having our personality type. 
Appreciating the wide-ranging spectrum of humanity becomes much easier when equipped with a thorough knowledge and understanding of personality differences.
Best wishes in your quest to master the art of understanding yourself and others - and improving the way you relate to every person you'll ever know for the rest of your life!

After you've taken the test and you know your type...
CLICK YOUR PERSONALITY TYPE in the box below.  That will take you to a section with an overview of your personality type and multiple links to articles pertaining to your type, where you can see what different personality websites have to say about your type. 
Note: On personality websites, you will often see different "labels" given to these types, and some labels/descriptions will overlap with others, since there are similarities among certain types.  Also, population %'s given for each type are usually inaccurate, as survey numbers vary widely.   
(Link pages may load slowly.)




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